Why Online Training?

"Even if you miss our live training classes, you will be covered by recorded videos from each class." - Daniel AG

The advancements in technology revolutionized the Online Training Programs and the full potential and merits of online teaching method are being recognized worldwide. With the advent of mobile devices, learning is now possible even on-the-move. You don't have to worry about your geographical location to study with the best tutors in the world.

Here are some great advantages of studying with us via our online classroom:

The concept of online education has become a $34-billion industry, and is growing by the day. Though, the concept of online education is an old one, it is only now that the full potential and merits of this teaching method are being recognized worldwide. It is estimated that 50 percent of university teaching would shift to online teaching by 2020 across USA.

Do you know that students attending online lessons perform better than those attending regular classes? This was a finding by the US Department of Education during a study conducted to evaluate the impact of online teaching in 2015. The findings also suggested that students who blended online learning and classroom learning performed the best.

In an in-class room training, you are by yourself after the training. What if you want to review database replication setup after the training? We record every single teaching session and send the recording to all our students. This is extremely useful if students want to review the topics covered in the class at later point of time.

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